Financial First-Aid Kit: Supplies for Financial Preparedness


What is a Financial First-Aid Kit? Survival supplies are often what comes to mind when thinking about emergency preparedness. However, have you considered financial preparedness for the next earthquake or natural disaster? If not, a financial first-aid kit is an excellent way to start. Similar to a medical first-aid kit for physical harm, a financial first-aid […]

Earthquake Insurance: Who Has It and Who Needs It

do you need earthquake insurance

Today we are rattling off about the shaky subject of earthquake insurance. We touched on this a little bit in our Financial Preparedness series, including best earthquake insurance practices, but we are going to go a bit more in-depth on for this update. One of the most commonly asked questions is, “Do I need earthquake […]

Top 4 Questions Asked When Shopping for Earthquake Insurance

Shopping for an earthquake insurance policy

Do your goals include retirement, getting your finances in order, or protecting your nest egg? You might be one of the many asking themselves if getting earthquake insurance should be a priority, or if it is worth getting earthquake insurance at all. Have you gotten a quote yet? Get a quote today to see how […]

Financial Preparedness [Step 1]: Emergency Savings Fund

Calculating our day-to-day living cost

Do I Have Enough Money Saved for Financial Preparedness? Yesterday, we reviewed the three questions you should ask yourself when checking your Financial Preparedness Score. Now that you have an idea of where you are in your emergency financial preparedness plan let’s dive into the first checkpoint: how much money you should have in savings […]

Financial Preparedness [Step 2]: Best Insurance Practices


Last week we started your journey to successful financial preparedness for emergencies by reviewing how your savings can help you survive after an earthquake. Now, we will focus on the next step of your financial preparedness journey: securing insurance to cover the big-ticket items that your emergency savings fund can’t easily cover. Do I have […]