Flood and Earthquake. Unexpected and Underinsured.

Do I Need Earthquake or Flood Insurance

Conditions in California are ever changing. The state is in the midst of a winter filled with record snow and rainfall. Are you prepared for these unprecedented events’ impact on your home and property? Californians are used to drought warnings, not flooding. Due to climate change, what we have always accepted as the level of […]

8 Steps to Earthquake Preparation

basketball game upsets and preparing for a real disaster

Did your team make the BIG tournament? The rush and excitement of March Madness can send fans into a frenzy watching buzzer beaters and blow outs. If your favorite gets knocked out, it’s not the end of the world, just a little heartbreak. When we think of actual disasters that can affect our homes and […]

Californians, Are You Feeling Lucky?

No one should rely on luck as insurance for their home in an earthquake zone. Time will tell when our luck runs out… will you be able to rebuild after the inevitable? Although recently stable, California’s seismic areas won’t stay that way according to recent studies. The current earthquake drought also means that Californians aren’t necessarily […]

Financial Preparedness: The Beginner’s Guide to Success

Earthquake Insurance GeoVera

Financial preparedness is a big part of emergency preparedness and disaster planning. Becoming financially prepared for an emergency, like a natural disaster, will protect you and your family from long-term loss and heartache. Earlier this week, we gave tips on making a Financial First-Aid Kit. With your kit assembled, you’re ready to plan for long-term […]

Financial First-Aid Kit: Supplies for Financial Preparedness


What is a Financial First-Aid Kit? Survival supplies are often what comes to mind when thinking about emergency preparedness. However, have you considered financial preparedness for the next earthquake or natural disaster? If not, a financial first-aid kit is an excellent way to start. Similar to a medical first-aid kit for physical harm, a financial first-aid […]

Your Complete First-Aid Kit Checklist for Disaster Planning


If there’s one thing in common with all emergency preparedness scenarios, it’s the fact that you need to have a first-aid kit assembled. For this week, make it a goal to get are fully stocked up with first-aid supplies for your car and your home. You don’t necessarily have to purchase a ready-made first aid […]

Earthquake Insurance: Who Has It and Who Needs It

do you need earthquake insurance

Today we are rattling off about the shaky subject of earthquake insurance. We touched on this a little bit in our Financial Preparedness series, including best earthquake insurance practices, but we are going to go a bit more in-depth on for this update. One of the most commonly asked questions is, “Do I need earthquake […]

Disaster App Takeover: Digital Preparedness for Earthquakes

Earthquake Insurance

Is it possible for a disaster app on your smartphone to warn you about an earthquake before it happens? The April 5th, 2018 5.3 magnitude Los Angeles quake is proof of that possibility. Those who had signed up for the Quake Alert disaster app reported a warning thirty seconds before the shaking started. Likewise, early […]

Digital Preparedness is the New Earthquake Readiness Kit

Earthquake Insurance: Rock, paper, scissors: the game of earthquake digital preparedness

Earthquake and disaster planning often overlook digital preparedness. Conversely, it’s one of the most straightforward ways of preparing for emergencies of any kind. Above all, digital preparedness sets a goal that is both attainable and practical. Last year we saw how critical technology is in the midst of a disaster. Hurricanes Irma and Harvey blasted […]